Are you the right stylist for me?

This is a really important question and one you should be asking all of your suppliers. I always recommend my brides ask themselves two questions – do you like the stylist’s style and do you connect with them on a personal level? If both of these are yes, then you’ve found your perfect supplier. 

Personality is crucial, especially when choosing hair and makeup. You have to put all your trust into your stylist and makeup artist to make you look incredible on the most nerve-racking and important day of your life. If you have no connection then telling them things you like and dislike can be awkward and this can make the whole morning stressful – something you definitely don’t need. That’s why I love to make all my brides laugh as much as possible so they can stay calm on the morning. 

You also need to trust your stylist is organised when it comes to timings, something I am obsessive about. Making sure there is plenty of time to style each person is crucial. I also like to ensure there is more than enough time after styling to get into your dress, have photographs taken and breathe before the ceremony. 

what are your prices?

For a full list of prices and packages, please get in touch. Alternatively, find out more over on my prices page.

when should i have my trial?

I always recommend trials are two to three months before the wedding. This means your hair is relatively the same as it will be on the day and we can get a more accurate idea of how it will look. However, this is all about you so if you want your trial sooner than that, then that’s no problem at all. 


My trials have no time limit, which means we have plenty of time to create your perfect look. However, on average trials take around two and three hours.

can i try more than one hairstyle at the trial?

Absolutely, you can try as many looks as it takes to find the one you love. 

what should i bring to the trial?

I always recommend bringing your veil (if you have it by then), fresh flowers, any hair accessorises you want to try and a white top which reflects the neckline of your dress. Also bring with you images of hair styles that you love, taken from both the back and especially from the front. The front view is the most important one and is the reason for your overall happiness with your style. So find out before your trial how you love your own hair from the front, including volume, partings and how much hair you want to fall around your face.

Also consider whether you will want extensions. They are great for adding extra length and thickness to any style and you will need them at your trial if you want them on the big day. I always use Milk & Blush and I can colour match and order them for you prior to your trial. See my services for more details. As my brides-to-be you also get 10% off Bobby Pin UK hair accessories, it’s definitely worth visiting their website before the trial too.

Always have your makeup done when you arrive at the trial. Even better, have your bridal makeup trial before your hair trial. That way you will be able to see how it will look on the day. If not, do your own makeup as it’s really important you see the hair with makeup on.

what happens at the bridal hair trial?

My trials are fun and creative and always start with a discussion about your big day, your vision and your dress.

As I mentioned above, I always style from the front. If we don’t nail the front of your hair, I can do anything at the back and it still won’t feel right. You have to look at the front of your hair in the mirror all day and have images taken of it, so if that part isn’t right, your confidence won’t be either. I always therefore discuss this part in detail to get the shape exactly right before we style the back.

Once we have perfected the front, we move on to the back using the inspiration you bring and the ideas we have talked about. We can try as many styles as you want to reach your perfect look.

After achieving your perfect look we then go on to talk about what accessories go in it and where. We will also discuss where you want your veil to sit.

Images are taken throughout the trial and sent to you to keep. These images are crucial for you to look back on and see what we achieved. It also helps to see if you want to make any changes.

what veil should i buy?

Choose a veil which suits your dress and style but do remember to choose one with a metal clip. Big plastic clips are awful to fit and can often compromise the style. I will take the veil off the clip if I feel I need to. Veils sit much better if they are just pinned in by their soft loops. So do take this into considerations when buying your veil.

can my bridesmaids and mum have a trial?

Yes of course, even though I am always happy to style them on the day it’s sometimes a great idea to have a trial for them if they are nervous about their hair. This is a separate cost to your trial. I would always suggest that if they are joining you at your trial then you go first as it’s your day and crucial we nail your look before theirs.

If there are too many at one trial I recommend you have yours at a different date so we can really focus on your hair.

You can also have them come with you to your trial for support even if they are not having a trial themselves. 

when do i wash my hair?

Your hair must be clean and bone dry before your trial and wedding morning, ideally shampoo twice the night before (or morning of) and don’t use conditioner. There is still a myth out there circulating that dirty hair is better to style. I am here to tell you that it’s the complete opposite. Oily, greasy hair is not only hard to style but it’s really unpleasant for s stylists to work with and for you to have. Please, therefore, have clean hair before your arrive for your trial and wedding. This also applies for your bridesmaids.

Dry hair is also really important. If your hair is at all damp it will effect the style, slow down styling times and making things that little more tricky. So please ask all your wedding guests being styled to have bone dry hair before they sit down. This obviously doesn’t apply to those having their hair blow-dried in which case they can arrive with towel dry hair.

how many people can you style on the day?

Ideally I like to style the bride and three additional guests/bridesmaids/mums. Any more and it because tiring, which jeopardises perfecting your look as the bride, which let’s be honest, is the most important look to get bang on. So if your wedding party is big then I will either suggest one of my reliable stylists to assist or ask you to book someone separately to work alongside me. Usually, however, I can style all the wedding party between myself and my colleague.

how long does it take to get everyone ready?

The morning always flies by so in order to keep the morning stress free, it’s crucial to add extra so there is a buffer for anything unexpected that may arise. I therefore add forty-five minutes for bridesmaids/mums and one and a half hours for the bride. I then always add on an hour at the end to give everyone time to get ready. I then stay for final touch ups and fitting the veil until you leave for the ceremony. 

can you stay all day or after the ceremony?

I offer some amazing services that include a post ceremony touch up and a full day personal hairstylist where you can change your style or tweak the one you already have. Details are over on my prices page.

how far do you travel?

I will travel anywhere. I charge 56p per mile outside of the Oxfordshire area.