Which Wedding Hairstyle Is For Me?

Which Wedding Hairstyle Is For Me?

This is the biggest question all my clients ask and it can be tricky for many brides to be to ask themselves. So lets break down the options and discuss whats important to consider when choosing your perfect wedding hairstyle.

When I first chat with my brides I always try and get a feeling for their character and the vibe of their wedding and personality. This will usually tell me whether they are a relaxed and carefree person (soft bohemian style) or a big personality with an edge (edgy styles with a punch).

The biggest thing to remember is you have to nail the front of your hair. Its key to your happiness and confidence on the day and I spend my entire trial with my ladies obsessing over the front of their face. If this part isn't right, you could do anything with the back and you still would feel right about it. So it's worth taking time to see how you love your hair from the front and your parting options before your trial, that way you can tell your stylist which front shape you want to achieve.

Then ask yourself which type of hairstyle you want. I have added the following categories below to help you with your choice.

Down Hairstyle

Paul Browse Photography - Temperley -Black Swan Bridal

Down and wavy never fails and when you add that to an incredible dress like the Temperley one below from the Black Swan Bridal Studio, you can't go wrong.

Having your hair down always looks effortless, carefree and suits any person and any dress.

The Half Up Hairstyle

This is a great choice for brides to be who want to have their hair down but want it to look 'done'. There are so many ways of creating the half up element and it always looks really soft and beautiful.

Things to think about when choosing this style is how much hair to have falling at the front, how much volume to have at the crown and the type of waves or curls you want.


Updo - Low Do Mid or Higher

If it's an updo you want then deciding the placement is crucial. Once you have agreed the front shape then you want to ask yourself whether you want the style to sit at the nape of your neck, midway up or higher up. Again, this will change the look and feel of the updo. You can also consider whether you want a side style. When choosing a side style always see the shape from the front and back to decide where you like as both angles are important.

Lower styles often give a sophisticated romantic feel, mid styles a slightly more modern feel and a high styles adds a bit of glamour.

Once you decideon the position of the updo as yourself if you want is messy with lots down around the face giving a sense of 'Ive just woken up like this' look. Or do you want an edgy, more structured updo with texture?

Braids are still in and brides to be will still ask me to have these in their hair. One thing to remember is that braids take away hair from the rest of the style, so if you have thin hair then avoid these. If you really want them then ask to have them incorporated in the back rather than the front or sides.

Again, consider what you may want in your hair. Bohemian styles look gorgeous with fresh flowers and edgy hairstyles with hair pins and vines. Always consider where the veil may go too.

(Order Below - Mid - Low - High)

Wild Cards

There are certain types of hairstyles which I like to call 'the wild cards'. These are the creative ones which don't fit into these classic shapes but are amazing and fun and suit any bride wanting to stand out.

For example why not choose a braided crown for that soft but edgy look. Get experimenting and be creative. After all, its your wedding day.

Pithall Barn, Amy and See.