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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

I recently sat down the with lovely Chloe from The Black Swan Bridal Studio in Wallingford, to find you the top tips when choosing your perfect wedding dress.


Work out your maximum budget and only try on dresses which sit within this. That way you won’t be disappointed when you try a dress on you love but can’t afford. Be realistic with what you can stretch to and always tell the dress fitter what your budget is, transparency is key to a stress free and fun dress shopping experience.

Be Open Minded

As many brides say, their perfect dress was the one they never thought they would choose, so be open minded and try on different shapes ands styles. But do always have a list of the things you feel most comfortable in and tell these to the bridal studio when you arrive.

Don’t Search Too Soon

If the day you’ve been waiting for arrives and you are now engaged but not getting married until the year after, don’t rush into buying a dress straight away. Fashions change, new dress lines come out and studios have big sales on you may miss by jumping into buying a dress too soon.

Bringing Someone With You To The Dress Fitting

It’s really important to bring with you someone you trust and makes you feel confident at your fitting. Every person trying dresses on needs a second opinion and it’s really helpful to have someone who can be constructive about your choices. It’s also lovely to have a small group to help with your search but don’t bring too many or it can become overwhelming.

What To Bring To Your Dress Fitting

Bring with you high heels, a selection of bras (including a strapless one), nude underwear and your makeup done. That way you will get an idea of what you will look like on the day. Have a think about your hairstyle too so when you find that dress, you can look at different shapes and styles which will suit it.

Before Your Appointment

Consider if you want a private appointment or a shared shop one and call ahead to find out how their appointments run.

Most shops will only have a select number of sizes in store so it’s definitely worth discussing what your shape and size is prior to your appointment. It’s common for dresses you try on to either be too big or too small so expect to pay extra for alterations. These are either done in store or with an independent seamstress. You can always find your own seamstress before hand and send her images of the dresses you love which may need changing after your visit. All these things help to get that dress perfectly fitted to you.

Be honest with your consultant about budget and your likes and dislikes and don’t be pushed in to any sale you are uneasy about.

Most Importantly Have Fun

Enjoy the experience, plan well and bring with you the people who make you smile. Finding a dress with the right people should feel fun and exciting.

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