Clean or dirty hair?

Clean or dirty hair before being styled?

You need CLEAN hair on the day of your wedding morning. Gone are the days of dirty hair being ideal for styling. This is, in my eyes, a complete no no for many reasons, mainly because you don't want to risk any sort of grease showing on the most important day of your life. Also dirty hair smells and because I don't know exactly how much oil your scalp produces it's too risky suggesting leaving it any longer than twenty four hours from the last wash.

You want to be feeling your best on your big day so clean hair all the way. The rule of thumb is either the night before your wedding or the morning of your wedding day. This will ensure your hair smells clean and there is no unwanted oils which will show up when styling. If you can wash it twice with shampoo but no conditioner that is ideal.

The other big thing to remember is NO DAMP or wet hair. As many of you will know I always ask that your hair is completely dry before styling. Obviously if you are having your hair blowdried then damp hair is perfect. However even slightly damp hair effects heated tools like GHDs, wands or heated rollers. It slows down the styling process if the hairdryer needs to come out and really effects the softness and curl setting of styles. Especially if you want any bits of your hair down and wavy.

So clean, bone dry hair please!

Pheobe Hayter Photography and makeup. Model - Bethan.